Current Litter

We just whelped our third litter.  10 pups looks to be a boys club this time with only one girl. I sure she will be a Tom Boy after growing up with all those brothers. Stay tuned for more updates.

29 thoughts on “Current Litter

  1. I bought one of Ron’s pups about a year ago! I could not be more thrilled! I have a 6 year old and he is absolutely crazy about the dog! This is the best breed of dog I have ever owned! Ron is just terrific to work with AND YOU can’t go wrong buying one of his pups!

  2. Ron , you must be proud of that litter……..they look great . I can`t wait to see pics in another week or two . I`m not sure now whether to take a mail or female but we can talk about that later .

    Kind regards.

  3. Ron…CONGRATULATIONS! Those Bracco Puppies are beautiful!! It looks like the US is starting to set a precedence for some very lovely and handsome Bracco Italianos! I love the live ones…so very, very cute!

  4. Hello
    i am looking for a good pointer a good retrieving dog i like these italian dogs
    i just happen to be italian. i live in michigan and do alot of bird hunting
    ruffed grouse woodcock pheasant. ive owned 2 setters 1 gsp 1 gwp
    first and foremost i am a bird hunter.are these dogs good in hot weather?
    do they have good stamina? are they close working dogs? do they hunt with head held high? just like to get some info. do you have any pups available or started dogs? thank you ken

  5. My brother just got a little girl and she is gorgous and i was looking for a little boy to breed with the girl and hoping if you got any information were else to get one

  6. i was looking to switch breeds and start showing a bracco. i understand that there is not many of these so these dogs are hard to finish. i was wondering how much they are also a show one??

  7. Our family has been researching the Bracco Breed and are interested in purchasing a male puppy. When is your next litter planned/due?
    Thank you so much…your web site is terrific and we are happy to see you are members of the Bracco Club of America!

  8. My family are looking for a Bracco pup, either sex. Would like to be on your list if you have a litter available. We live in Iowa City, Iowa. 319-339-7871 is a home number or my cell is 319-331-4243. Thank you very much

  9. I would like to know an average price for a female. also, do you ship your dogs or would you have to pick them up? and lastly when will your next little be available and could you email me when that is? oh, also do you think these dogs would do well with basset hounds.(I currently have two.) Thank You.(:

  10. We heard about this breed and our family is looking forward to joining one of your pups with our family, please let us know when pups are available We can’t wait 1-916-420-9923

  11. Hi Ron, I live in Alabama and I noticed in a number of pix one of the young men is wearing a Alabama sweatshirt…RTR! We lost our smooth coat Vizsla girl at age 11 a year ago, and our wire haired Vizsla boy Nix would like a baby sister to keep him company. How does one get on your puppy list? Although we have Vizsla’s, we have always felt Bracco’s would be a great addition to our family. Thanks for your consideration, and as a boy we spent many a summer fishing in Newago for Walleyes up by you! Thanks, Dave Jones

  12. Looking to possibly get a bracco, we ran into a couple with one in town couple years back… beautiful dog just considering this breed as an option

  13. We are interested in one of your Bracco boys. We live on 9 acres in Marshall, Virginia with a Bernese Mountain Dog, 2 Springers, and a Spinone Italiano (all boys). I am retiring in June 2015, but love your site and would love visiting you in Virginia to see some puppies soon. Let me know if you have any dark brown rhone dogs.

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