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About me:
I have been chasing game since I was old enough to throw a rock. I have pursued upland game for the past forty years, starting out in Illinois as a teenager. After settling down in Michigan and starting a family, I got serious about my passion and bought my first pointing dog and my introduction to the North American Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). Finding many like minded people in that organization, my addiction to the pursuit of all things flying started to blossom. I applied for and was accepted into the NAVHDA judging program.  My experience in judging has opened by eyes to what it means and what it takes to spend the day in the field with well-trained and well-bred sporting dogs. I stared out with German Shorthairs, and later German Wirehairs.  Along the way I helped a friend with rescuing a Bracco Italiano. After spending a lot of time with this dog, I found the breed that truly suited me.  I have hunted with my dogs all across the US and Canada. I currently keep two homes with kennels in Michigan and Virginia, as my business runs out of both states. My goal is to eventually hunt as many days a year as I work. It won’t be easy, but I will try.

For questions about the website, please contact Kelsey Boehme

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  1. Hello I was wondering if you had a litter currently. If so how much are you asking for a puppy. My wife and I currently live in New York City and own a Springer Spaniel and are looking to get a Bracco. We would have no problem coming there to pick one up. If you have a litter or a litter coming would you please get in touch with me about price and when they would be available. Thank you very much.

    • I hope you have a yard in NYC. The price of puppies male or female remains at what they sold for last year. $2,500.00 I will have a ultrasound done in mid Sept. to verify the hoped for litter.

  2. I t has been a few weeks that i been looking to have another hunting dog . Since my labrador died of old age of 14 three years ago i never had the courage to look for another till i saw the bracco on a italian program . I did some research on the bracco and this would really be ideal for me.

  3. Ron , I know it`s early but two of them have caught my eye…….one is a red and white….like… not orange and not dark enough to be liver . The other is being held by you daughter…….mostly white with liver markings . I thought I wanted a female but now I`m not sure . So what do we do from here ? Am I in line for a pick and in what order ?


    • Frank, First of all they all have to be feeding on puppy mash (which is between 3 and 4 weeks old) then I know that all will make it. Then the order will follow. Right now you would be 6 or 7 in line to chose. This can all change as people see the pups and want a different color or change their mind on sex. ( it happens) that is why I wait. You are on my list of buyers. You will have to trust me its better to wait and see them running and playing. right now its just a color thing.

  4. Hey , Ron . Glad to hear things are progressing in Shangrila……..I guess you are off hunting amoungst the flora and fauna .

    I have kept up with your postings , etc , on your wed site but I do have a question since you don`t accept advance deposits………. how is the “pick order “determined ?

    Kind regards from Texas

  5. Ron, We have named her Harper Lee, her first two days have been incredible. The family has made her feel welcome (cats and all) and she has responded in kind. The breed and her energy level has shown to be very adptable to the situation. Thanks for working with us we are very happy to have her.

  6. Contact for Dawn Edwards whom you met in Kansas. I am her sister and live near Muscatine, Iowa with my Irish Wolfhounds. Please let me know for her when you plan another litter. I will keep checking your site for info. I looked at your pictures and the ones with the German Wirehaired looks alot like a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon my husband and I rescued about 10 yrs. He is now about 12 yrs old, same markings. Thank You for your time.

  7. im from michigan
    where are you located in michigan?
    im interested in these italian dogs
    i also have been hunting birds for 40 years
    im looking for a good pointing and retrieving dog that has good stamina and good in hot weather

    • Ken,

      Ken We are in west Mi. near Muskegon. Sorry if this is late we dont have much activity on the site when there are no litters. Ron

    • Kellye I am hoping for a breeding to take place toward the end of this month. In the mean time send me a note about how you heard of Braccos where you live etc. Best Ron

  8. I’m investigating the possibility of getting a Bracco Italiano and was wondering how your dogs have held up geneticaly regarding any hip or eye issues. As well, when will you have your next litter whelped?

    • Hello Randy, sorry i was so late in reply. I have been hunting out west. Geneticaly there are fine and tested for hips eyes etc. Bracco can have loose eyelids. many do. We are hoping for a heat cycle this fall. keep checking back. i will update the home page when we have a breeding. Thanks Ron

  9. Good morning. I am interested in a pup. Do you have any litters arriving later this year or in 2013? We live about 25 miles NW of New York City. I am a highly active hiker and work from home. We have a 1.5 acre fenced backyard and the Hudson River just outside our back gate. I grew up with anEnglish Pointer and a Lab and am looking for a hunting breed dog. I don’t hunt but am partial to gun dogs for their enthusiasm for all things outdoors. My friend recently adopted a Bracco rescue dog and I have fallen in love with the breed. Please give me a call or shoot mean email and let me know whether or not you have any litters planned for the next 3-12 months. My phone number is 845-358-3289.

    Thank you.
    Sue Smith

  10. Hi Ron,
    I am interest in a Bracco and have seen a couple of “H-litter” pics online. (Hugo and Hero) They are great looking dogs. I live in South Louisiana, right in the heart of Cajun country. My search is for that feather enthusiastic pup. I have trained and hunted Labs & GS&WPs. My fiancee participares hunt tests & field trials with Spinoni. (One from a breeder and one rescue) I am drawn to the short hair of the Bracco, as much of our woodcock terrain is plagued with cockleburs. I duck & dove hunt and would like a dog that could also potentially trail wounded fur. The Bracco seems like it would be a nice fit. Sounds like you might have a litter in the works & I would appreciate a heads-up as to what might be available either soon, or at a future date.
    Thanks for your time and attention.
    Chuck Broussard

  11. I am investigating this breed and would very much like to visit the dogs in person. Can we set up a time? Also, what town are you located?
    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Joy,
      My Dad is out of the country right now but I’m sure he’d be glad to arrange a time. He’ll be back this Friday, probably best to get in touch with him at

      Our kennel is located near Muskegon Michigan, but my Dad lives part time in Virginia for his business and often has the dogs with him there. Thanks for your interest!

      -Kelsey B.

    • Joy, Where do you live? I travel alot between my VA home and Mi home Have met many folks in my travel to introduce them to the breed. Call anytime Ron 231 206 2282

  12. Ron,
    Thanks for taking time out of your Alska trip to talk dogs with me. I’m the guy from Idaho. Please give me a call when you get home since I have many more questions.
    Frank Puccio

  13. i am an avid bird hunter from NH and am very interested in a bracco. i have an eight year old gsp who is rock solid on upland and waterfowl. the braccos seem to be the perfect match for my hunting style. if you could please add me to you puppy list and keep me informed of up coming litters would be great thank you

  14. Hi I’m from Australia and I am finding I very hard to find a bracco italiano breeder here. Have you sold a dog to someone in Australia and how would you go about it? Also are they good hunting dogs?

  15. Hi
    I met my first Bracco in Sweden in April. I have lot’s of experience with dogs but I don’t hunt. I do take long walks and I would love to do skiing and back packing with my new dog. I am looking for an adult dog. Maybe one that isn’t an ace at hunting and needs a new home. I live in Montreal Quebec.
    Please get back to me. My old dog died three weeks ago and I’m lonely.

  16. Hello. I am interested in the breed. I have always had German Shorthairs, but I have been intrigued with Braccos for some time. I have a family with two kids and hunt at clubs here in New England. Our GSP is now 11 and is slowing to a point where his retirement from the field is near. I am not looking for a finished dog but am interested in puppies and would like to know of planned litters and pricing. Ideally, I would like a male that I would have neutered, but am flexible. Thanks

  17. I was inquiring about their bloodlines we currently have a female and and would like to get a male for her. Do you have any information on this please let me know Thank You.

  18. Hello. I spoke w/ you on the phone about a pup? If you could, keep me in mind w/ the next litter? I’ll revisit & get back to you. Thanks Jeff

  19. Ron, I have been training dogs my whole life. About 15 years ago I purchased my first bird dog and combined my love for hunting with my passion for training dogs. I never dreamed that my passion would lead me to early retirement and now a full time trainer. I have been blessed to have at least worked with practically 95% of the breeds out there. I have worked with a couple Bracco’s from your kennel and maybe a half dozen others from other kennels. Jay Schwieterman speaks very highly of you and I do like his dog Hero. I raise GSP’s and am blessed to have an outstanding line, but GSP’s are very common so I’m considering a couple less common versatile hunting breeds. I fully intend to train and test my future dog in NAVHDA and hope to help promote the breed and the kennel I purchase her from. I would also consider breeding her if her conformation/temperament is sound and she shows good natural ability and tests well. Obviously by contacting you, I am considering the Bracco Italiano. One of the major questions about the Bracco is, I’m not sure if there is a sufficient market for them? Do you have difficulty finding buyers for your pups? Is there a long waiting list of perspective buyers? I am curious what your next breeding plans are? If I decide to purchase a Bracco, would you consider selling me a pup?
    Thank you,
    Ron Behnke
    Mid-Ohio NAVHDA Training Coordinator

  20. Good Evening Ron,
    I have been very interested in the Bracco Italiano’s for quite a few years now, but when i first started looking into the bread I wasn’t quite ready to get a dog.
    After watching your appearance with your dogs on Meateater, and more importantly listening to your Podcast interview while you “Ribeye of the Sky” hunting, I was reminded how cool of a dog that the Braccos are. With this new view point of information, I found myself excited again as to why I was looking into the bread, and am now seriously looking for a new hunting partner.
    I would very much like continue my conversation with you on the breed and to pick your brain on a few unanswered questions that I still have. At your convenience, would you please give me a call some time this week to talk dog. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.
    Jesse Maxim
    Reno, NV

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