About the Kennel

Dancing Duke Kennels new facility

Dancing Duke Kennels is a NAVHDA registered kennel that was started in 1997. We strongly believe in only breeding dogs that show exceptional talent in both the field and the home. The average hunting dog gets to hunt a few weekends and a trip or two away from home each year. The rest of the year we simply feed, exercise and hopefully train our dogs enough to keep them in shape for next season. The Bracco has that perfect blend of temperament that allows them to fit those expectations.

We have so far had two successful litter of Bracco Italianos. In the past we bred German Wirehaired Pointers and still hunt and own two of them. This and all previous litters are socialized and exposed to every stimulus that puppies need before going to a new home. Early walks in the woods and to the water gives them a start in developing their independence which eases the transition from littermates to family members.
The whelping area is an indoor/outdoor facility that gives the puppies the freedom to play and explore and also facilitates the house training process. Having the ability relieve themselves outside and away from their whelping box has shown us through owner feedback that housing training time is dramatically cut.

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