Puppies are here!!!

Started about 1 pm two orange and 1 liver make that 5 liver
OK by 2am the orange team grew in numbers: now there are 4 orange and 5 liver¬† We are waiting for the last one it’s 5 am. I sure wish she would pop out number ten, I’m tired!

Update: Well that was a long night! I was calling the vet to have them double check the xray as it has been 6 hours since the last pup. Then I heard the 10th little pup crying.  8:04 and I am heading up to get some breakfast.

90% complete

Moma and seven

feels good to pass 70% of these little beasts

7 thoughts on “Puppies are here!!!

  1. No worries, we’re up to seven currently, two orange and five brown. Everything is going really well and Artie is right back in the swing of thing. It’s perfectly normal for there to be around an hour between each pup, so since she start at 1 pm, seven is about right at this point! We will post updates as available. :)

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