Grouse Trip to the UP of Michigan

Well we tried to get the dogs into Grouse and woodcock this past week. And as trips go this one had its flaws. The dogs got into very few bird contacts. We were told that this was the worst some hunters have ever seen it. Bravo had a good trip in spite of the low numbers. Usually pointing grouse scent just after the flush and got better each day, pinning a couple of grouse that gave me no clean shot. But… he quickly learned the ways of the woodcock, ending one of the days with three in the bag!!! Gracie, on the otherhand found chasing deer was more fun than looking for birds. We fixed that…….. Ron

Bravos bird

One thought on “Grouse Trip to the UP of Michigan

  1. Two orange females so far started just before 1pm today Wednesday the19th We expect it will be a long night ahead. Opps hot of the press number three liver not sure if its boy or girl yet

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