Best Friends Forever

Today I get my old friend Rusty Wolf on the phone to walk down memory lane. From our first guns,to first dogs,and a few other firsts that can only happen when you’ve known one person almost your entire life. We talk about growing up in Chicago, BB guns, road trips, and a special vehicle that we called “The Bec Moblie” Drinking beer before 4pm and how not to turn off a diesel truck when you stop for gas. The two of us are so intuned with each other we can almost finish each other sentences.  I’ve heard a few people say that there wife is their best friend. And heard more than once that “I want to be my kids best friend”  I have the best wife in the world, I have 3 outstanding daughters,  But my best friend???? that can only be one person  Rusty Wolf.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

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