8 thoughts on “The Hunting Dog Podcast Episode 1

  1. Just started listening to your podcast this week, great work and very informational! I just got my first GWP at the end of last fall. For the 1st 3 months I didn’t know what the hell I got myself into. But now let’s just say I’m hooked, the breeder and trainer that I go to said it will be the best time you have going broke! Being from WI I enjoyed to the podcast with Al Harmeyer and look forward to future ones with him or ones with other trainers.

    Thanks for the great listening material and information!

    One last note, how many beers did you and Al drink? Sounded like a great time!

  2. Just listened to your myth busters episode Another great podcast! are you planning any episodes on flushing spaniels?

  3. Great podcasts Ron! Keep up the good work. I listen every week. My favorite was with Ronnie Smith. It had very good insight into one of the best dog trainers around. I have two English Setters, both out of good NSTRA lines.

  4. Great podcast. From what I’ve heard I would recommend it as essential listening for anyone training a hunting dog, young or old. Seriously a great resource for long info sessions on dog training from those with great experience; people most of us wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Thanks, Ron!

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