The Hunting Dog Podcast

Outside view of Dog/Man cave at our Mi kennel

Outside view of Dog/Man cave at our Mi kennel

I am starting a weekly podcast on all things related to the hunting dogs that you and I own,train,test,and hunt. This will, in time cover everything under the sun in the world of sporting dogs. And not just the pointing breeds. We will talk with dog owners that chase every furred creature in the country. By including all sporting dogs, this show will be very eclectic. Subjects from force fetching to feeding,training and testing, water work to whelping.
Most importantly this podcast will not take itself too serious. In fact it will always strive to be lighthearted,funny and entertaining. For 25 years I have made friends throughout the country while hunting and judging dogs. I have rarely ever met a hunting dog person that didnt become an instant friend. Some of these shows will come from my kennels in Mi and VA. others will be done on the phone as I travel. some will happen on the tailgate of a truck after a hunt or a field trial. In all cases, alcohol,tobbacco, and firearms will mostly likely be present. So give it a listen, and pass the word, Thanks Ron                                                 Coming in Jan 2015


5 thoughts on “The Hunting Dog Podcast

  1. How many miller lites does it take to do a podcast?I think it could be a drinking game.everytime the word dog is said,take a drink.

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