Summer Heat..Time to do water work

The heat of these past few weeks force us to take to the water. I started training Bravo a month ago to get him ready for his UPT test. On June 3rd he passed that leg of his journey. Although he had a few weak spots, he managed to get all the numbers where they needed to be. Now with this heat we will really ramp up his water work. The NAVHDA Utility test is by far one of the most if not the most difficult portions of testing. The dog most after a command,enter a body of water which will be full of catails,stumps,and thick lilly pads. Then for the next ten or so minutes be expected to search for a live duck which has been planted downwind with no visual mark on the dogs part. He or She should search that body of water like they would dissect a field of land looking for a bird. Bravo passed this portion in his UPT test, but barely. In the UT test he will be expected to do an even more determined search. And if that isnt hard enough. If by chance he produces the duck for a retrieve, he may be asked to return to the water and continue. There is no luck when it comes to this test. It is all Desire with a capitol D. Wish us luck anyway. We will post along the summer.

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