Janurary Thaw

Its been three months since the pups first arrived. They are all in their new homes, with great owners, everywhere from the east coast to Houston up to Montana,and one went to Quebec And many points in between. I picked Hope for our addition to the Bracci family. Everyone has written to say that they are amazed at the short time potty training has taken. I was not that lucky with their mother Artie, she was raised in a wading pool in the living room. I suppose she thought poop and pee were meant to be done in a house…..The reference to Jan thaw would not be our mild winter it would be the relief of raising pups for 10 weeks and then being done. After the last two left, it was the same relief we feel in Michigan when we see the snow melt away and the grass shows through. Winter training is in full swing in the new kennel building. Little hope loves the training table already. Even though she thinks it is a jungle gym. She doesnt know that it will become her schoolhouse in a few short months.

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