Week 7 Moma Artie goes on a trip

This past week when the pups turned 7 weeks, I had to travel to my other home/office in Virginia. The ride down was a little rough on her as she swelled up with milk and was a bit nervous. We also took Gracie and Bravo. She is doing fine now and playing with them just like old times. My wife Sue is stepping up to the plate again and has taken over the brood. Her first day of watching and feeding was a episode out a comedy. It started with her filling the dry food container with water( it looks just like the water container) and it proceeded to flood the whelping room. Then the next day the pups over turned the real water container. I think they just liked the feel of water all over the floor. probably were running and sliding until the next time Sue checked on them. My daughter Kelsey will be home this Sunday to help out and get some new pictures posted. Thanks for checking in, Ron

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