Lee lee Milner/ Girls with Gun Dogs

Lee lee Milner Was raised to train dogs. Her earliest memories are of growing up at her dads kennel. Even after pursuing a different path for a few years in NY. She couldn’t help but return to her roots of training dogs. And now she has started Girls with Gun Dogs.

Her mission is to get more women into the hunting world through training dogs. It’s a great idea and one that work for me. Having three daughters who loved the dogs, made for a natural transition into the hunting world. https://girlswithgundogs.com/

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Brad Arrington Mossy Pond Retrievers

Brad’s Mossy Pond Retrievers and hunt club.  Talk about an overachiever !!!! Brads dream to build a successful training facility, wasn’t just luck. Long days and hard work, A great first dog that made Brad look better in the dove field than Brads shooting ability, and a real love of training dogs. We talk about quitting a good job. His first paying customer. A future Father-in-law that deeded property to him for his first kennel. And always putting the customer first (even if it means missing a hunting season)

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.