Donna Dustin, Woodcock banding and Munsterlanders!!!

I learned so much from Donna, that I’m going to get involved. She spends the early spring in Minnesota working her Munsterlander, helping the rest of us who hunt the Timberdoddle, one of our favorite gamebirds. 

A Senecan Indian myth says God made the woodcock from the leftover parts of other birds. Large eyes are located along the sides of the bird’s head, allowing it to see in all directions, including directly behind. A long, thin bill that averages nearly three inches in length permits woodcock to probe in soft earth for worms, slugs and other invertebrates. Nostrils lie high against the skull so the woodcock can feed and breathe at the same time. Its ears are located beneath the eyes. Woodcock stand about eight inches tall, appear to bob when they walk, and weigh about a half-pound each. 

But you’ll learn more than this if you listen to this episode

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Paul Wilson and Foxhounds

Paul Wilson is a real honest to goodness dogman.He learned his trade from cleaning kennels, all the way to a Huntsman for many clubs. From the UK to Rome and on to North America. Paul shares many stories from his life with hounds and terriers. When you hear about the French hunting traditions… you will be shocked!!  we even cover a bit about my wife’s Corgis.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Justin Mcgrail November wrap up Montana and North Dakota

I stop over for a short visit to Black Creek Training center to ask Justin about his month in Montana, and ask some questions that I needed answers to. Based on my season so far, I have done almost everything correct. Well… correct until I get Justin’s take on things,  Put it this way If the baby Jesus was a hunting dog, Justin would be one of the 3 wise men. Enjoy and learn..

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

North Dakata, live from the Nitro Bar

This was recorded after my third day in North Dakota, I drove solo on the invite of Tyler Webster. It was an epic hunt that lands on the list of one of my greatest hunts of my 40 years of wingshooting.  Sharpies,Huns, and Roosters in wild places, and waterfowl that make for long days and tired legs. I cant imagine not being back there in 51 weeks from now.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.