National Hound and Tree Dog Association

A great chat with David Schmidt. Dave and some friends decided to make there own TV show, featuring hounds!!! never before done,and may never be again. Dave Shares some of the adventures and rabbit holes that they encountered. Now he helps run the National Hound and Tree Dog Association. Dog hunters everywhere need to support each other. Sometimes because we join DU or RGS we think we are protecting our hunting right along with protecting habitat.   Wrong!!!!! There are folks sneaking around our flanks that would stop us from using our dogs for every interest.  Lets pay attention and lock arms.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

First year reflection of the podcast

Today I talk to you about the first year of doing this podcast. From all the listener support, and the amount of free cigars I keep getting in the mail. That alone is payment enough for spending time with you and the many guests that I have learned from.

My thoughts on preparing for a hunt, and what I need to adjust for this upcoming year. My unruly pack of Braccos,and their total lack of training, to a few highlights from 2015. if you have any complaints from last year?? audio? timely release’s?, lack of your favorite breed?? Just listen and enjoy. I hope everyone had a good season, and your dogs made you proud.  Thanks Ron


The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Fritz Heller on Grouse hunting with Labs

Fritz Heller approaches grouse hunting with an eye for detail. Along with his brother they have over 200 spots to hunt the king of the woods. And he does it with Labs!!! yeah a dog most known for ducks and pheasants. Listen as Fritz shares a few secrets about how he has averaged almost 5 flushes an hour over a several year span. We also talk about his non typical choice of shotguns, and how his dad passed up on the occasional grouse while pheasant hunting. in his words..”son we are pheasant hunters” Fritz has strayed away from those days.  And if you like Utube videos? check out the Grouse Commander series. Fritz and friends have that down as good as there bird hunting.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Fritz Heller and his grouse Labs!!!!

Great talk with Fritz Heller about his Dogs and strategy on being a successful grouse hunter. I learned a few new things from Fritz, and his OCD approach in the grouse woods.  He and his brother have some of the best Utube videos out their. Actually getting shots on film of several grouse hit in mid air!!!! Which is even harder than hitting them with lead pellets. check them out @ grouse commander on utube

He grew up pheasant hunting with his Dad, who passed up grouse while he hunted pheasants. His dad would say grouse??? “we are pheasant hunters”

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Cajun Hunting Report

Perry and Blaine head south to visit Frank Verret, in the deep south. To chase the wintering Woodcock.  80% of central flyway woodcock head to Louisiana. The boys found out that 80% of the usual hunting ground is under water. But good rubber boots,good food, and good friends can win the days.  Poor phone lines made for poor audio. I suggest listening with headphones on if you want to understand Frank’s Cajun speak and Blaine’s Yankee accent.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

John Rex Gates

John Rex Gates, is one of the most accomplished Trainer/Handlers of Field Trial dogs in North America.”Born into it”,as John says. At an age where most of us might have been experiencing our first summer of school vacation. John Rex was traveling with his Dad from Georgia to the Canadian prairies, with dozens and dozens of dogs getting their feet wet on wild birds. He is a true legend among dog people, his love of dogs comes through loud and clear.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.