Episode #5 the Hunting Dog Podcast/ Dog training buddies

On this episode I have two of my oldest training partners, Dave Dean and Craig Jones.

Dave has had German Wirehairs for almost 40 years, and never formally trained a single one of them!! ( and they all hunted great) and Craig is a fan of the German Shorthairs who started with an American Water Spaniel (not his best dog)

Learn how Dave spoils his favorite breed. and how Craig almost got run over by a freighter in Lake Michigan while he was in his homemade layout boat,shooting diver ducks!! And the downside of importing a birddog from Europe.


The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Weims, Griffons, Setters, and Versatile Chapions.

I travel up to Traverse City Mi to talk with 3 people Ive know for almost twenty years. Lance Vernam and John Macneal talk about their 3 year quest to shoot every known species of upland birds in North America over their personal gun dogs. Judy Balog ( who handled the first Weimaraner to a Versatile Champion in NAVHDA history) joins in to tell us how she first found her favorite breed.  Warning: most us us were over served prior to this podcast. Sounds problems due to my lack of recorder placment and Johns dog farting us out of the room, caused me to stop the podcast instead of pausing. So you will have to listen to both podcasts in order to take it all in.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.