Puppies for Sure!!!

Went to the vet today for Ultrsound on the girls. Hope didnt take but Lucy came thru. Our vet say many pups, could be 10. I will breed Hope again as soon as she comes into heat. It would have been tuff to have two litters at once, so in hindsight all is well. X rays will be in a couple weeks to get a solid head count. From us to all you have a Great Christmas and even better New Year. Ron

The Annual Bracco Christmas Party 2013

This week besides our regular residents; Artie, Bravo, Gracie, Zeno, Hope, and Lucy we had some additional visitors; Gunner and Buster from Matt and Jerry in Muskegon and Zuzu from Macki and Hunter in Florida. We’re not sure who’s been naughty or nice and Santa will have to sort that out. But two of the girls in this Bracci (group of Braccos) gathering are going in for ultrasounds next week. Cross your fingers, hold your breath and wish us luck in the New Year!

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