Dove opener and test rsults from this summer

Well so far this summer Bravo passed his NAVHDA UPT test. He did very good in most areas but had a little issue with steadiness He earned a prize 3 Hope our pup from last years litter did very good and in her NA test received 110 points out of a possible 112. she earned a prize 1 for her efforts. But trust me as a NAVHDA judge myself, any day you pass a test is a good day. I am in Virginia for Sept and got to go on a very well managed piece of property for the Sept 1st Dove Opener. I took out Bravo on Sat. then brought extra dog power with Artie on Monday (Virginia does not allow Sunday hunting) The weather was hot and humid, after a couple hours of retrieving Bravo was exhausted. In the end he just hard a hard time finding the downed birds. We still managed to limit out at 15 doves. On Monday I rotated dogs and shot a limit in much less time. As soon as I figure out how to get cell phone pictures up to this page I will post them.