May Training

Ok things are ramping up here at the kennel. I have a spot saved for testing the first weekend in June. This will be either a NA test for Hope or if Bravo is ready I will run him in the UT test. Currently working on steadiness drills with Bravo and will have alot to cover to get him ready. Hope is really showing promise, she just needs to build up her search to 20 minutes. Her tracking,pointing, and swimming are all spot on. If you are already a owner of a Dancing Duke puppy, than you better get going on exposing him or her to the fields and water. If we can get 4 out of the 10 pups to get good scores in the NAVHDA natural ability test we will become the proud owners of a pup from the first NAVHDA Breeders Award to a litter of Bracco Italianos. Call if you have any questions.