Friday update

We are at 9 days with the litter. All 10 are doing well. I am currently at my other home in Virginia, and my (helpful wonderful) wife is holding down the fort back in Michigan. She is supplementing the smaller pups with formula three times a day. The weigh-ins are showing good daily progress. There is not much to report during this time. Other than the daily drum roll before the scale. The biggest pups are right at two pounds; the smaller two just under a pound. This will all balance out before they go to homes because they will start on puppy mash (ground puppy food mixed with warm water) in two weeks or so. That’s when the fun begins. Stay tuned and thanks for following.

One Week

Wednesday will be one week for the litter. Not much to report on, as they simply sleep, nurse, sleep, nurse…….you get the picture. All 10 are doing well. I separate the biggest pups from Artie for a few hours each day, so the smaller ones get a big meal without being knocked off the faucet. Seems to be helping the wee ones. Keep checking for updates. in another week we should have some eyes start to open up.

the wee ones get a drink

Help Arrives !!!

My Daughters all came home to see the pups this weekend. They are a huge help and always have been.  A litter of pups draws them home almost as much as Moms cooking and liberal use of our large laundry room does. In between spin cycles they are out fussing feeding and holding the pups. This will be our  H litter so this weekend we all will pick out their registered names.  So far there is a Dancing Duke Hope  DD Hogart DD Hugo              DD Hero

Day three, pups are back from yesterdays trip to the vet, and doing fine. They had their tails docked and dew claws removed. Real troopers hardly a wimper out of any of them. Artie gets her favorite sandwhich when she is nursing. A hot dog bun with cream cheese and peanutbutter…. My daughter Kelsey started this with her last litter.

final count

Well much to everyone’s surprise, four hours after Arties last pup #10 showed up, another little orange female appeared. shocked was only part of my reaction. She is the runt for sure but we will try to keep her even with her siblings. The female I kept last litter was also the runt. but she passed up alot of her litter mates. We will see how she does

Puppies are here!!!

Started about 1 pm two orange and 1 liver make that 5 liver
OK by 2am the orange team grew in numbers: now there are 4 orange and 5 liver  We are waiting for the last one it’s 5 am. I sure wish she would pop out number ten, I’m tired!

Update: Well that was a long night! I was calling the vet to have them double check the xray as it has been 6 hours since the last pup. Then I heard the 10th little pup crying.  8:04 and I am heading up to get some breakfast.

90% complete

Moma and seven

feels good to pass 70% of these little beasts

Grouse Trip to the UP of Michigan

Well we tried to get the dogs into Grouse and woodcock this past week. And as trips go this one had its flaws. The dogs got into very few bird contacts. We were told that this was the worst some hunters have ever seen it. Bravo had a good trip in spite of the low numbers. Usually pointing grouse scent just after the flush and got better each day, pinning a couple of grouse that gave me no clean shot. But… he quickly learned the ways of the woodcock, ending one of the days with three in the bag!!! Gracie, on the otherhand found chasing deer was more fun than looking for birds. We fixed that…….. Ron

Bravos bird

We have a head count!

Artie had her x-ray today and the grand total seems to be…ten puppies on the way! Artie’s last litter had a grand total of eleven so there is a possibility one is more is hidden away in there, but we could count ten for sure.  Artie is doing just great and if this litter is anything like the last, we’ll soon have ten healthy pups on our hands. Bravo will be one proud poppa!