Lars Jacob Wingshooting

Lars is a man that wears many hats. Lars Jacob Wingshooting could be your one stop shop. Whether you are looking for a new destination, a new gun or some help in learning how to use your gun effectively. They say form follows function, but in the wingshooting world, it’s fit first, then form and then applying both to your favorite game bird. 

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Getting Pheasant hunting back in Michigan

Ken Dalton is a man with a mission. Remembering the good old days of pheasants in Michigan, he is determined to create hunting opportunities for family’s to get back in the field, chasing the iconic Ringneck pheasant. By modeling after states like Pennslyvania and Wisconsin and at least a dozen other states from coast to coast.

 The Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative is getting closer to becoming a reality. Lets get behind this movment. Building hunter numbers back is crucial. This program can help put a finger in the Dam.

The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Larry brown/ Shorthairs/Pheasants and the CIA!!!

Larry Brown is a well known writer, for more years than I have been hunting. His backstory is as interesting as his life with dogs,birds and shotguns. Shooting over pointing dogs while stationed in the middle east, and bringing that passion back to the states, and eventually to the pages of GunDog and Pointing Dog Journal magazines. Larry shaers some stories and secrets on pheasant hunting and espionage.


The latest episode of The Hunting Dog Podcast.